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For those of you who don't know Fred Pickens...... a little history lesson.

In 1967, a man with a gift for sales, Mr. Fred Pickens, began his journey in a little town called Montgomery City, Mo. selling cars for a Mr. Ralph D. Elmore of Elmore Ford, Inc.  His success in the business kept him there until the business sadly closed on March 7, 2012.  

During that time Fred's passion for sales became a driving force which led him to open a business of his own in 1994, Classic Sales.  Fred continued to do business with Elmore Ford up until it closed down. 

For the following 21 years he built Classic Sales, and his business relationships, on a small lot in Warrenton, Mo.  Fred's business did not limit itself to just used cars.  He had an eye for opportunity and he kept his inventory colorful. Commercial BBQ smokers, tractors, heavy farm equipment.  If you could think of it, Fred either had it or could get it for you.

In 2005 the demand for self storage in the area was on the rise and Fred could see his opportunity.  He expanded his business yet again and purchased a franchise of U-Haul Storage and on April 28th, 2005, Classic Sales and U-Haul was born.

Space was tight for the next 7 years and leasing property just didn't sit well with Fred. He ventured out to find the right real estate to accomodate his growing business and on May 28th, 2012 he reopened for business in Jonesburg, Mo.  He added a state of the art service garage complete with offering State Vehicle inspections.

Now, 2015 has been an exciting new year.  Fred has once again expanded, taking on a whole new division of sales by adding Graceland Portable Buildings and Tri-State Carports.  These brands practically sell themselves and Fred could not be happier with the volume of interest they have generated.  

So.... that brings us current on our timeline.  

Which leaves you only one thing left to do.


8AM - 5PM M-F, 9AM - 5PM Sat, Call for Sunday Hours   +1.636-488-0008

#4 Hwy Y Spur Jonesboro MO 63351 US